About Me

Hi! Do you see that face over there?

That’s me! So who am I? I really don’t have a simple answer for that. I can got on and on telling you senseless things about what I like, but not who I am. I struggle with self image inside and out so bare with me as I try to answer that question. I am a twenty-something year old stay at home mom of a beautiful young girl and three furdogbabies. My daughter calls me mom, my other half calls me kitty, you know a cute pet name that just stuck around. My real name is Jessica, so that’s me. I am the face behind The Kitty Crumbles.

What else should you know about The Kitty Crumbles?

Well, we live on the East Coast in a state you might have heard of… New Jersey. When we are not here, we are traveling to family all the way from Detroit, Michigan to The Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri. To be honest we wouldlike to be home based in Florida, that’s our game plan. We love Florida and have taken many trips to St. Augustine, Orlando and all the way down to the Florida Keys.

What do we do when we are not traveling?

Work of course but from home. Luckily, we are not limited to a 9-5 job. It has it’s ups and downs, it’s great being your own boss, but having your other halves around you 24/7 can be a little nerve racking! However, it is the most awarding life experience I could ever imagined. I would not trade it for the world even though my inner voice from time to time might say otherwise.

Since you have stuck around this long I’m guessing we might have some things in common and I am so glad you are here! We love being a family who enjoys new experiences and just try, keyword “try” to live life to the fullest. Hell just because we are all grown up with kids now doesn’t mean the fun stops. There’s more fun to be had and with fun life gets better too!

So, what can you expect here at The Kitty Crumbles blog?

Well, that’s easy. We will be sharing our experiences and love of family, travel, motherhood and food. I also hope this blog inspires and uplifts you to create more love in life, maybe find some helpful information to use or maybe even a laugh at how ridiculous I can get.

I would love to meet you maybe collaborate or if you would like us to review your establishment, or feature your product head on over to our “work with me” page I can not wait to meet you!

Sharing is Caring!