Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

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Spooky happenings at Sahara Sams Halloween Horror

My favorite time of year is here!

Who else is excited for some Halloween fun? I know we are, especially the little one. Its that time of year where they can be all hyped up on sugar and get all dressed up! That’s not all though… all the Halloween Attractions are now in full swing!

We started our year out with drooling over the beautiful fall flowers and pumpkins every single time we went to Walmart. We knew then we had to start looking at the local attractions!!! So, we can get our frights on!

Pumpkin Painting

Come to find out one of our favorite local attractions has a Halloween event. Yay! Sahara Sam’s now has pumpkin painting for the littles starting at 5pm and running til 7pm. Then, after the sun starts to go down the ghosts, zombies, ghouls, clowns and all things scary come out to play. There’s spooky surprises lurking around every corner you turn with no where to run or hide.

Scare Zones

Find yourself trapped in a never ending tunnel thinking you will never escape with the walls squeezing in. Then, running through a mass zombie outbreak. Watch out! He’s going to bite you! Maybe you’ll end up at Boom Town or find yourself next to a laughing clown who might never let you leave. Haha!

All the scary thrills are to be had here! But if you are into the not so scary side of Halloween Sahara Sam’s also has a monster splash dance and foam party October 19 and 26 from 4 to 9 p.m. Dance the night away while enjoying the water park plus contests and giveaways throughout the night. Don’t forget the snacks! Sahara Sam’s is offering a limited Halloween-themed menu featuring vampires blood, bat wings and other spooky treats.

Something Extra special

This year’s events are FREE with a 2019 season pass. However tickets to the night time events can be purchased for $13.99. *If you buy a one day pass at $40 it includes a season pass for all of 2019 and the rest of 2018 also. You can come during the night dressed in regular clothes to enjoy this event!

Save the Dates

We had a splash-tastic day in the park and then enjoyed the night activities after the indoors area closed. First, we visited the pumpkin patch which is open 5-7pm. Hailey enjoyed decorating her pumpkin. They had several buckets filled with all kinds of stickers, markers, pom poms etc to decorate the pumpkin with. It turned out so cute! Then, after she was done we hung around until it was fully dark so we could enjoy being spooked. I think the attraction was just scary enough for my little to enjoy. She’s not exactly a wuss though so she took it like a champ! Crazy kid! I do hope they keep adding to this attraction as they have a great idea going! Sahara Sam’s Halloween Horror event will run every weekend, Friday through Sunday, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. til October 28. See you there, we can’t wait to spook you!

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