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This stuff works! Like Reaaaallly works!!!

Probiotics have been a much needed go to the last few years after a long stretch of medical treatment. One of my doctors had suggested that I look into them.

So, that’s exactly what I did.

I searched, researched, tried some crazy foods and so on. After a year I have now simplified my daily probiotics by a small round pearl by a company called, name. I was talking to some of the girls and they suggested them. So, I did some research on them and decided to give it a try.

I honestly can’t tell you enough of how well the product worked. I mean it works! I really wasn’t crazy about the first few weeks. There was a lot of discomfort. Like a lot but again, I do have an issue! I started noticing easier digestion and less bloating around week 3. Things are starting to feel normal again. After about 4 weeks in I can say I’m on the right start with my recovery. There’s less discomfort and it just feels like my digestive system is starting to work properly.

I have tried other options but none seem to be as potent as Hyperbiotics. They are available in a time-released Micro-Pearl. Its not a capsule its a small round ball which helps get the friendly bacteria further to achieve better results. Whats also great about these is you can take up to 3 pearls per day depending on your needs. Most seem to take a lot longer to run through your system because of this reason and all the goodness you need doesn’t reach as far as it needs to go. Almost like you need to build up the good bacteria little by little. I noticed a difference within the first week. I didn’t need to go through a whole month or two supply with only feeling a slight difference.

Even if you don’t have a health concern probiotics can do wonders for you. Things like… protect you from the flu season. I know they will be a life saver for this mama as I highly recommend using them during the back to school season. After starting my little one on her own probiotics last school year I’ll never look back.

I also love that Hyperbiotics have products for the whole family. The adults, the little ones and even your furbabies. Yes, that’s right your pets! Fido can take probiotics too and actually it does wonders in controlling those unwanted pet pests. Probiotics for our furbabies is slightly a new adventure for us and so far so good! I would like to continue looking into this as its something I feel like they can benefit from.

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