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Airbnb provided us with the cutest little house during our family trip to Florida!


Why did we choose to use Airbnb to book our stay on our recent vacation?

We have heard of people using Airbnb but we were sceptical. After looking the website over again we noticed people just like you and me could leave realistic ratings and reviews about the place.

We looked for a place within the area we were staying. In this case we wanted to be around the St. Augustine/ Palm Coast area. Then we narrowed down our search based on comments and their overall reviews.

I feel like this was a very safe approach as we did not chose any without a review. I also encourage you to read over all the terms for that specific Airbnb rental. Our rental had a 5% tax for the township. We were not upset by this as we did in fact read about the charge in the terms. Booking with Airbnb was convenient. Their site is easier to navigate and I feel like it is a safe platform to find that perfect place for you and our family to enjoy.


Upon arriving and all throughout our stay our host was amazing! I could not have asked for a better first experience. The little house we stayed in was close to everything. Local shops, restaurants, the beach you name it, it was a short distance away.

We were very sceptical using the Airbnb website in the past as there were some doubtful factors. After hearing more positive experiences we decided to give it a try. We were pleased by some of the changes Airbnb made to their site. It made us more confident in booking with them because lets be honest we didn’t see how we could rent someones house and not get scammed out of a ton of money. Which is that ultimate travel nightmare!

I would recommend and will use Airbnb in the future for booking our travels. Having a home to go back to instead of a hotel room is such a better experience and we enjoyed every minute of our stay.

To view this Airbnb visit:

Palm Coast Canal Home with a Beautiful View

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