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The brand new Ocean Resort and Casino opened its doors just in June of 2018 in the former Revel located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Not much has changed as far as the overall appearance but big things are happening in their players club.

Coming over from another casino to Ocean they currently match your card from one of their competitors. Since we did this we had a great promotion to start including lounge access and a free 2-night stay. Giving us the opportunity to see what the hotel and some of the other guest accommodations were like.

First impression we noticed that the decorations were essentially the same as when it was Revel. Some new shops are still being put in the shopping row along with a brand new Wahlbergers. Unfortunately, Wahlbergers is not open yet and when I asked  it was supposed to open any day. Despite the readiness of the opening we have visited since and 2 weeks later they are still not open. We are kind of disappointed as we were really looking forward to visiting this location as we have been to a few other of the others. I guess you cant rush perfection…

Upon checking into our room the line seemed to have a good amount of people in it and moved slowly. We ended up waiting an hour to have an upgraded suite since one was not available at the time of check in.

The hallway going to our room was super dirty even being 5 PM. I really feel like they should hire more cleaning staff as it seemed to be an issue. The room itself was decent, not perfect but relatively clean. They did miss a few spots but it wasn’t terrible.

The room had a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, Boardwalk and the infamous Steele Pier. It was hands down incredible. Within the Suite there was a large bathroom with one of those cool rain shower heads. Along with a king size bed within its own room. There was a work station, two chair eat in table, a large couch, refrigerator and another half bath off the living room area. It was the best I am so sad we had to leave. You better believe I will be back to stay again ASAP!

So our trip didn’t go as planned since we were unable to visit the pool area. Apparently there was a big storm that had came in the night before and busted the glass out in that area. I’m really glad they did this out of safety it just sucks when you think you have everything planned out. The rest of the stay was pretty great!

Now we have been to the Ocean Resort and Casino twice now. The second time it was just us adults we left the kiddo with Nana this time around so we had the opportunity to check out both of their player lounges.

As of now if you have the highest card you can get into the lounges for free. No comp dollars, no money, 100% free to eat and drink as many times throughout the day as you would like. No one here in Atlantic City does this! Its insane! I feel like their loyalty program will give other similar businesses a run for their money.

Ok, back to going to checking out the lounges. The first lounge we went to was the Play’s Card Lounge. This lounge had a good amount of people here but still a good amount of seating available. They provide a small list of menu all items are on a buffet that change out daily for your choosing. Upon being sat the customer service seemed a little slow. Took a while for the server to come to the table. Also the drinks were slow. We did come back to this lounge later in the night. This time we sat at the bar with not one issue and had a wonderful time. Bar and staff was very polite! Maybe since it was early in the day things were a little slow…

The Black Card Player’s Lounge was next on the list to visit. This lounge was quite a bit smaller with a more darker setting. This one also offers a lightly smaller buffet of food and seemed to be more finger foods like sandwiches. We ended up visiting this lounge twice that day and both times we had excellent service.

For the casino part of the resort the layout is pretty simple and tastefully decorated. They didn’t change any of the decorations as far as I noticed from when it was Revel. The Casinos features several game tables and slot machines. I saw a sign claiming they had close to 2,000 games. That seems like a lot! So you will have plenty of options to chose from.

On our next trip hopefully we get to check out the pool and spa area. Oh! and maybe Wahlburgers will be open. Even though there are several bars, clubs, restaurants and different eateries we are especially excited for this one!
What I noticed when I was there
Customer Service: Top Notch. We had no issues. Somethings were a little slow.Cleanliness: Casino areas were clean. The Lounges were also clean. Facilities were clean and the hotel area needs improvement.

Food & Drink: The food at both lounges were delicious and drinks were great too!

Price: To be determined as our room, drinks and food were comped. Tips were generously given. From what I noticed they compete with the rest of Atlantic City. Keep in mind Atlantic City is a tourist location and is higher in price.

Casino Payouts When Playing: You win some you lose some… It was ok pretty much evened out but we didnt play too too much.
Overall thought
The place is great. They do need to improve on some things, like hire more staff! That way the rooms are cleaned and on time. The check-in line does get very busy and you may have to wait a while. However, this is one of the better places to stay in Atlantic City.
*Our thoughts are our own based on the experience we had during our visit.
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