Family Fishing in Brigantine, New Jersey

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A much needed beach day! Where should we go?

We headed down to a small little shore town, Brigantine, New Jersey for some fun in the sun and to do a little family fishing off the Jetty. We just love this little quiet shore town! The town has everything you need in a short distance, shops, food market and our daughter’s favorite park, Shark Park is located right in the middle of the little island. Of course we just had to stop in before heading home so Hailey could swing!

I know we were in need of some beach time! The weathers hot and near the water just seems to be the best place to be. Brigantine Beach is a great spot to hang out and enjoy the summer fun in the sun. You can catch me here just about every week during the summer. We love going for family fun from swimming in the ocean to fishing off the jetty.

Brigantine has a jetty located between the Atlantic City inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. We love to pack up and go on a short distance fishing trip here. You never know what you will bring up sometimes you get lucky and sometimes, like this past trip you may not. We also aren’t avid Fisherman though haha!

The scenery is so picturesque I couldn’t help but get a few photos of the jetty. Then if you look straight across the small inlet you can see all the casinos and business of Atlantic City. Its just so pretty from this angle!

This is one of our go to beaches along the Jersey Shore. Its clean, free and not as crowed as a lot of the other spots. Brigantine also allows you to drive on the beach with a beach access permit which is nice too if you have a bunch of equipment for your fishing trip.

We did stop into a small little marina and bait shop just as you enter the island called Capt Joe Fish Finder II. They have a bunch of bait, live fish and just about everything you need to go on a fishing trip. Something that we haven’t done yet is go on a charter boat. I couldn’t help but notice the reasonable prices here at this location.

We just love this little beach town!
Do you have any favorite spots that are close to home?

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22 thoughts on “Family Fishing in Brigantine, New Jersey

  1. Aww this looks like such a perfect family day! I love the photographs and it looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Fishing is a great way to spend time with family. My husband has been talking about going fishing for a while, maybe we ought to try it this summer.

    1. Thats a wonderful idea! We don’t fish much its ok. A good little activity here and there. My stepdad is really into it…

  3. I’ve never tried fishing before, though I’ve tried squid jigging and the thought of it still made me nauseous as it was in the deep sea and the waves were chopping and I had sea sick! I will love to try fishing one day (without being on the boat though!)

    1. Wow yeah i’ve heard if you haven’t been on a boat it can be a little nerve racking. I haven’t went fishing on a boat. I’d like to!

  4. What a lovely day out this seems to be, it looks like you had a lovely day out as a family. I love these little quaint beach areas.

  5. It looks like a really nice place, the location and the view are beautiful. I am glad you had a nice day with family. The nearest beach to my house is two hours away but my family loves their beach time 🙂

  6. Looks like a fun family day out in the sun. last time I tried fishing was like 3 years ago haha, should do it again sometime soon. Nice pictures too 🙂

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah we don’t fish often like at all… but we were in the mood for something fun but different.

  7. Looks like a great way to spend a weekend or evening during the week day. I am in NJ as well, I will have to check it out.

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