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Simba was our first addition to the family. When our daughter Hailey was just born

we wanted to add a pet to the family. We went to the local shelter to what they had

available. We decided to foster a little baby kitten who was desperately

in need. We fell in love with him and he was been with us ever since.

Breed: American Short-hair

DOB: May/ 18/ 2012


I just love little dogs. There is just something about a cute little fur

ball cuddling up to you. This is Roxy (Roxanne) our first dog.

We added Roxy to the family shortly after Simba.
Breed: Pomapoo
DOB: May/ 6/ 2012


Does anyone else search the pet classifieds? Well that where Toby came from.

He was in need of a home. I swear these people did not take care of their

pet it was very sad. Luckily he is now safe and apart of our loving family.
Breed: Pomeranian
DOB: July/ 31/ 2012


Our littlest one Jazzy. This one takes after my daughter Hailey.

These two are peas in a pod and act just alike. Spoiled rotten!
Breed: Pomeranian
DOB: 3/21/12

I just love these little balls of fluff!  You can’t just have one pomeranian! Am I right? Haha!

Do you have cute little balls of fluff? Share them in the comments below.

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