The Best Rides of Morey’s Piers

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1. Ghost Ship (scary)
This ride only opens after the sun starts going down! Taking you aboard the ships haunted decks and winding hallways. Based on Philadelphia’s very own Philadelphia Experiment but these shipmates didn’t exactly make it all back in one piece.

2. Flying Galleons
You can have a scenic view by taking a ship themed monorail around Raging Waters Water Park.

3. Dante’s Dungeon
This is a great dark ride through a gothic castle with spooky chills around each corner.

4. It
This is one of my personal favorites. I love the thrills of being twisted around on this ride. It swings and spins you 65 feet in the air over the pier.

5. The Great Nor’Easter
This one is definitely a big kid ride. This ride takes you through thrilling loops, turns, down a 95 foot drop all in 2,170 feet of track.

6. Sea Serpent
A high looping roller-coaster with 120 foot hills with 3, yes! 3 upside-down loops!!!

7. Wild Whizzer
An octopus themed family roller-coaster with some pretty wild spins.

8. Can AM Raceway
This go cart track takes you through an exciting course situated partly under Morey’s Pier!

9. Kong
I’m pretty sure the name speaks for itself! This ride swings you every which way while flying through the air.

10. Boat Tag
You can experience this attraction two ways. You can either shoot balls at the boats or dominate and win the battle by driving one of the boats.

Wait I have MORE! 

Top 5 rides in the waterparks

1. Serpentine Slides
This is a giant body slide with fun twists all the way down to a refreshing pool at the bottom.

2. Wipeout
A 350 foot long, 40 foot high mat racing slide with 6 riders racing to win #1

3. Rocket Raft Fun
A super fun raft slide and happens to be one of my daughters favorite rides at the park!

4. Rope swing
We have a blast swinging on the rope we love to challenge each other on who can go the furthest!

5. Speed Slides
Ride down a mat on a 40 foot drop with sudden drops and twists.
*Great kids water playground!

We had such an AWESOME time! If you are in need of a family vaca check this place out! And visit our Morey’s Piers Experience post for more amazing fun your family can have too!

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