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Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey are simply awesome! Every shore town needs places like this!

We headed down to the New Jersey shore last weekend for father’s day. We have been wanting to have a beach day for a while now plus I wanted our daughter and her dad to have the day ever!

When I think of all day fun at the shore, (since we are in New Jersey) I think of Wildwood and all the fun rides at Morey’s Piers. Wildwood has a 2 mile long boardwalk along the shore of New Jersey and on that boardwalk there is all kinds of things to do. There are shops, restaurants, arcades and three piers filled with all kinds of amusement rides.

Morey’s Piers include a few select restaurants and stands, 2 water parks and over 80 rides. We had the whole day to explore all three piers and grab a bite to eat at the new PigDog Beach Bar. It was definitely going to be a good day!

We started our day off early at Raging Waters water park. We like getting there when the park opens to have that added time before the crowd starts to come in. The park is usually busy but the wait for rides go pretty fast!

We decided to split up our time between the two water parks. Both are open between 10am-5pm. After a few hours at Raging Waters water park we headed to Ocean Oasis Water Park.  This one was less crowed with a few less rides but I really liked added swinging chairs to rest on while dad and the kiddo were playing.

After a few fun-filled hours of water fun we were able to change in the facilities and head out to the amusement rides.

We had so many fun thrills from The Ghost Ship, Rockin’ Tug Boat and Wild Whizzer! I honestly couldn’t tell you which ride was my favorite. It’s really hard to decide! I really like the dark rides Pirates and Dante’s Dungeon but I also like the thrill of being twirled around on the ride IT.  You should visit our Best Rides of Morey’s Pier Post for all the best rides Morey’s Piers has to offer!

Along with all the fun Amusements Morey’s Piers hosts several fun events during the summer! Including tournaments, doggy splash day and Beyond the Boards VIP Tours. For more info on all the events Morey’s Pier has to offer please check out their EVENTS page.

Morey’s Piers offers various park passes including combo ticket and individual ticket sale options. They currently have a Family Four Pack option which is by far the best value! If you are interested in other ticket options visit their TICKET page.

Remember those restaurants I mentioned earlier in the post? I know enjoying your fun day you will work up an appetite. There are all kinds of stands, restaurants and bars feel free to check out our experience at Morey’s Piers brand new PigDog Beach Bar! A great BBQ with an outstanding atmosphere and amazing view. I highly recommend it!

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31 thoughts on “Morey’s Piers Experience

  1. oh my! it looks like tons of fun! I absolutely love this place. I wish it was nearby so I could just step by! Amusement parks are my week spot for sure

  2. It looks like you and your family had an awesome day at Morey’s Piers. 2 miles of boardwalk fun, especially the waterparks can definitely fill up a full day and make every member of the family happy.

  3. My Elder sister stays in New Jersey I have heard from her about Moreyspiers. It is a fun place to be in she says. Water parks and good food is great there.

  4. I am originally from the Jersey Shore. I grew up in Toms River and spent many summers in Seaside, but would you believe I have never been to Wildwood? Maybe, if I ever make a trip back home, I will check it out.

    1. I can’t believe it! Seaside looks so different now. I moved here right before the hurricane so I got to see it before. Just crazy!

  5. BBQ and rides, just the exact same things I had in mind if I ever get to visit New Jersey. Morey’s Pier just looks like it’ll give you a good ol’ a classic American experience and I want that!

  6. This looks like a really lovely place to visit. It seems like the perfect family day out. I hope you had the best time.

  7. This place looks like a dream for family and friends! I was at the similarly one at Barcelona called Port Aventura and we had a blast! I should definitely go on more trips like these ones!!

  8. Such a fun place, great for children! Can’t wait for my little ones to be big enough so that we can take them to this park.

  9. We don’t have piers like this in Canada, but this sounds like fun. The water park would be the place I would stay at the longest. This sounds like a great place to check out!

    1. us too and this one is located right on the beach so its perfect since there is so many fun spots for the family to hang out

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