Awesome Tacos at Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina

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There is nothing better than a taco especially on a Tuesday night!

I grew up in the Midwest and going out for Taco Tuesday was just one of thoses things our family did. This kind of became a regular thing for me and after moving to the east coast I had a really hard time finding a taco place I really liked. I pretty much gave up!

A few weeks ago when we were out exploring New Jersey and needed something to eat. We looked online and came across Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina. A Mexican restaurant located at 180 U.S. 9, Marlboro Township, NJ 07726. They had a good reviews and star rating so we thought we could give it a try!

I’m honestly surprised that more places don’t do $1 tacos on Tuesday. Instead they were almost $11 for all you can eat. On the menu they offer a variety of meat and styles of what you want on your taco. The type of styles included Americano- A crispy taco with lettuce, pico and cheese. Mexican Street- soft taco with red onions, cilantro, lime and a side of salsa verde. Gringo- soft taco with lettuce, pico and cheese. Then the last style was Al Pastor- soft taco with charred pineapple salsa. FYI their Beef taco is shredded instead of ground but still amazing if not better than a traditional ground beef taco.

The restaurant itself was delightfully decorated with plants, traditional tiles, mural, roosters, tequila bottles and even a fire place off set in one of the dining rooms. They also have a grab machine if you want to try your luck.

What I noticed while I was there:

Cleanliness: The restaurant was clean including the facilities. They were also very fast at cleaning off tables when people left too.

Food: The food was great! We had the tacos and tried all four of styles. I liked the chicken taco the best and I would have to say the beef was my second favorite. I’m sure if the tacos tasted this great I could imagine what the rest was like!

Price: Well, I’m not sure if the price is right for someone who can only eat a little. That’s why I mentioned I’m surprised more places do not offer the $1 Taco Tuesday. I think $11 for two tacos would be a little much. The prices on the rest of the menu seemed typical and fairly priced.

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