Hersheypark And Exciting New Waterslides

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Hersheypark was so much fun. We went right after memorial day when everyone was starting to go home. The weather seemed to be iffy which also helped keep the lines down.

During our trip to Hershey we stayed at Hershey Lodge, this allowed us to get a preview of the park meaning you get to go into Hersheypark the night before your full day at the park for a few hours. We were able to go in at 5:30-8pm this may change during the week as the park hours are slightly different.

On our preview night in Hersheypark we went on several rides. We did not visit the waterpark just because we knew the lines for the amusement rides were short. We wanted to get the best out of our time so we went on the roller-coasters, amusements and kiddie rides that night.

During our full day at Hersheypark we started out at The Boardwalk, the water park in Hershey. We were super excited about this because they just opened up two new waterslides. The Breakers Edge Water Coaster and Whitecap Racer . The Whitecap Racer is a mat racing waterside with several loops and turns to entertain you all while trying to win the race with your friend. The second new waterslide, Breakers Edge Water Coaster, a water roller-coaster with crazy turns, drops and high speed tunnels this ride takes rollercoaster to a whole new level!

Come to find out you can access Zoo America through Hersheypark and it is included with your ticket. We did go in for a few minutes to see the original reptile room from the 1930s and a few other animals. There is so much to do in Hersheypark you would easily be there for a few full days to really enjoy all of it.

Our favorite amusement ride was the Laff Trakk. A high speed indoor spinning roller-coaster kind of like a dark ride with a crazy black light circus theme. Then our favorite on the Boardwalk side was the Whitecap Racer mat racing waterslide. Which was one of the brand new slides we were excited about!

I think the only issue we had was when we were in the waterpark area. At one of the kiddie play areas we were told only one adult could go into that area but did not see that requirement on the board rules. The Sideshows of the Seashore was also closed and needless to say I feel like having that in place took away from the smaller kids. The ones who were not big enough to ride the slides. We were also so excited about the new slides but Breakers Edge Water Coaster was closed for a while until it opened back up later in the day. Which is typical especially for a new ride due to safety reasons and I’m glad they do this!

The Breakers Edge Water Coaster was a fun and unique ride being the first water roller-coaster I’ve been on. I think Whitecap Racer was the funest out of the two new rides only because we had a blast racing one another!

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20 thoughts on “Hersheypark And Exciting New Waterslides

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. I’ve been wanting to come here for years. I probably will wait for my second to get a little older before I go. I appreciate you posting this! Definitely on my bucket list!

    1. My daughter is 6 but she is on the tall side! I think it was the perfect time to go. We did not get to do the crazy big rollercoasters but did everything else. It was so much fun!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to check out Hersey. Right now I’m just waiting until my kids are a little older!

    1. We just hit that perfect age so I know what you mean! We didn’t do the big crazy rollercoasters but were to do everything else!

  3. We went to Hershey Park pre children and loved it. I can’t wait to go there once my daughter is old enough for the water slides and roller coasters.

    1. Thanks! fun! I bet if you were to go now there would be so much more there! I grew up going to Worlds of fun and Cedar point and visiting them now I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize the park.

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