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I am so glad we decided to stay at the Hershey Lodge.

The Hershey Lodge is the best place to stay in Hershey if you are deciding to take a family vacation. They have a mini golf, kids activity room, 2 arcades, outdoor pool, splash pad and indoor waterpark. Just about everything to keep your little ones entertained during those times you just want to sit back and relax.

When arriving you can park near the entrance for an easy check in. Hershey Lodge lets you check in at 4 pm daily and guess what? They have a kids check in with a character meet and greet and they give you hershey bars at check in. How cool is that?!

Hershey Lodge also has a variety of restaurants, a work out facility, conference rooms, ball rooms, business center and a gift shop. Where I might add, you can buy the best smelling hygiene products, EVER!

I really liked their attention to detail, there were little hershey designs tastefully decorated within. The ropes for the front desk had Hershey kisses, the plaques for the rooms were themed to which tower you were staying in and my favorite, the bathroom wallpaper, Hershey kisses.

The rooms had all the necessities including a coffee maker and refrigerator. They also give you little Hershey showering products you can use during your stay.

We decided to explore the hotel and for the most part we got lost! It’s so big 665 guest rooms to be exact not including the amenities, restaurants and ball rooms. It was so neat and fun going around seeing the place.

Of course we had to take Hailey, our daughter to the Waterworks waterpark at Hershey Lodge. Nothing kept her more entertained than going down Twisters Twists slide about 100 times!

The hotel does offer a shuttle service. On our Hershey Park day we took the shuttle bus from Hershey Lodge to the park. The shuttle service starts one hour before Hersheypark opens and stops one hour after Hersheypark closes. The shuttle runs every 30-40 minutes, depending on area traffic.

I feel like I have to add in that I had a major headache in the middle of the night and I swear I packed my asprin. Which was nowhere to be found! I called the front desk and they were so nice, they opened up the gift shop to get me some!

The stay here was certainly the sweetest!

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*The Kitty Crumbles received a discounted rate for our stay. Our opinion was not influenced in any way.

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21 thoughts on “Hershey Lodge

  1. Seeing your review for the Hershey Lodge I am convinced this is a place to be explored for stay. Like all wonderful pics reflecting the atmosphere and facilities at lodge.

  2. I checked their website and their rooms are not sp expensive. We are planning to go there by the end of summer and I am considering this option.

    1. We originally did not plan to stay here but I’m really glad we did. I don’t think the price was bad at all especially with the type of experience you get to have. I have a bunch of other Hershey posts if you are traveling there, you might be interested in them! I wish you the best of time!

  3. Aww the kiddie check in area is so cute and great for the kids! It gets them involved the very moment you walk into the hotel! This looks like an amazing place for families and I’m glad to see that you all had a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yes it was quite an experience! I loved the kiddie check in I thought it was adorable and they could meet a character too. Super exciting!

  4. I love when hotels allow you to check in a little early! I think it is super cool the hotel has a kids check in and are greeted my a cartoon character. My godson would love that.

    1. I think its great for both couples and families! I liked that they had a few restaurants on site if you wanted to grab a bite to eat or drink. It’s a big plus when you don’t have to drive or worry about transportation.

  5. The Hershey Lodge looks very cosy to me, especially the first picture which show the fireplace at the backdrop. I have something for fireplace as we dont have see fireplace so much at the place I stay (summer throughtout the year). Looks like a wonderful stay.

  6. Looks like a great place to visit. I’ll definitely go here one day with my family. Will be saving our next trip here.

  7. This looks like a wonderful place to stay, it would make the perfect family holiday. I hope you had a lot of fun.

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