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Starting a blog was not the first thing I pictured myself doing. In fact if I had to pick that one thing I wanted to do, it would have been to be an archeologist. I guess these occupations may not be realistic but neither is being a happy go lucky stay at home mom all the time. Don’t get me wrong I love providing for my family but not in the sense of doing dishes and other housework.

My daughter is growing up so fast, she just started going to school full time. Meaning I no longer have a little one asking for things left and right. We all know how we get side tracked as a mom. We get to doing other things like getting juice boxes, fixing food, cleaning up messes. Then you think you have time to get things done for yourself, nope! Haha! Well now I get some much needed me time! Time where I can also focus on figuring out where I would like to go from here.

I needed a creative outlet, something that was mine and involved things I was interested in. I love being creative, I have taken graphic design classes to photography and I felt that I could tie this together. I guess you could say my education did influence the idea of having a website of my own.

I also love getting out there and exploring places I’ve never been to. Traveling with friends and family is the best. Personally, I think life is short and you just have to live life everyday to the fullest. I feel like I should say this more often than I do because I rely on a little blue inhaler to breathe when I breathe. Fun fact I have asthma but the good news is I don’t let it limit me.

So back to blogging, why did I choose to blog? I would have to say it is a way for me to share our adventures and experiences with all of our family and friends. Kind of like an online journal and photo gallery. I could also have that creative outlet!

What I didn’t expect was meeting so many nice, supportive and like-minded people. We have so many fun activities planned for the summer and hope to connect even more with all of you!

We have so many fun trips planned for the summer, I cannot wait to share them all with you! We also want to help aspiring bloggers like yourself, so we have an e-book/ course with TONS of helpful information to help you start a blog the right way. I’m currently working on this project an it will take a little bit of time because I want to include all the basics and not so basics, steps etc.

So, go ahead check out the rest of The Kitty Crumbles Mom and Travel Blog and don’t forget to Subscribe. I’ll keep you updated on new posts and all things Kitty Crumbles!

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