5 Ways to Spend time with your Daughter

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I love mommy daughter dates! Spending time with my daughter is the best time spent. We get to connect on a deeper level when its just her and I. The conversations are more in depth and I can get a better sense of how her week has been.

Conversation starters
How was your day?
Did you meet any new friends?
What was your favorite book this week?
What makes you laugh?
What do you like to do for fun?

Use this time as an advantage
As a mother use this time to encourage your daughter, give her hugs and tell her how much you love her and that she makes you smile! Also this is the best time to teach her those necessary mother/daughter life lessons. Not only are you spending time together and bonding you get to teach her important lessons. Wouldn’t that be the greatest. Definitely a parenting win!

Here in our home we are horrible when it comes to planning things out. Then I do plan ahead something always comes up. Also having a little diva who takes forever getting ready doesn’t help. So by the time we get ourselves together for the day its too late to go anywhere.

This reason is why I have come up with 5 mother daughter dates you can do any time!

1). Have a movie date- Since most movie theaters are open really late you could go or just cuddle up on the couch at home. Maybe grab a Redbox and some popcorn. We all know mama does not want to sit through another episode of Paw Patrol haha!

2). You could have a game night- You could play a video, bring out a board game or make up your own game. The possibilities are endless with this option and its a big hit in our home.

3). Spa Day- Girls love being waited on hand and foot so why not have a spa day. Either host your own or go to the spa!

4). How about going to a park- Even though we have a sandbox, swing set and all the things a park has in the backyard my daughter loves the park. One day I asked her what was so great about the park and she simply replied “all the new friends I get to make” This kid is amazing and has a heart of pure kindness. While going to the park you can take things for a picnic. I know my kid always wants to eat so having a snack handy is a great idea!

5). Read a book or do a learning activity- As a mom you want to encourage education and bringing out a fun story or activity can do just that. Pick one that is easy enough for her to read so she can follow along. Not only are you spending quality time together she is learning.

We try to mix things up a bit maybe one day you and your daughter can go out. Then the next time you can stay in. Spending quality time is key no matter what you choose and if you can squeeze a fun learning activity in there that’s even better!

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your daughter?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spend time with your Daughter

  1. My daughter looks forward to our spa nights so much! It’s been a super fun way to bond. I love that you’re making intentional time for your girl! These are the moments she will remember.

    1. Aw! Yes, you’re right! I think its very important spend one on one time with your kids. Not only are they bonding with you as a parent they are also learning how to treat others. I may not be able to all the time but I do try my best to carve out a good solid hour a day whether we are doing fun activities or we do a learning block with different activities tailored to the subject.

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