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Super Troopers 2 Release

Super Troopers 2 hits theaters this Friday! The day is finally here! The long awaited sequel to the cult favorite Super Troopers. The movie also happens to be coming out on the ironic day of  April 20th. I must say my family and I were super excited to be a part of this long awaited project.

Being a part of the movie scene

My other half, Ryan has been producing movies for along time now so being on set came easy to him. He has helped with numerous movies such as Miss December (Kevin Smith), Booted (Ryan Dunn), a small part in Worthless (with Tara Reid not yet released) to name a few but never a sequel and never a movie in which I was already a huge fan of so. When my other half was contacted to produce needless to say I was very excited.

What is Super Troopers

For the small percentage that has not yet seen the first installment of Super Troopers, it is a comedy directed by and starring Jay Chandrasekhar along with the rest of the Broken Lizard cast. It takes place in Vermont where a group of state troopers play more games than doing their actual police work. They have a constant rival with the local police department who are protecting criminals. They then find themselves in some hilarious shenanigans while dealing with a drug smuggling murder investigation, all while stopping the states pending budget cuts.

Broken Lizard

The guys at Broken Lizard are super nice and exactly what you would expect. Jay even gave Ryan some pointers while I was taking some pics. Although Ryan has been on so many sets in the past, This was very different then all the others. We agreed it was a very fun atmosphere to be in.

Many sets can be a lot different then you would expect with very long drawn out days. This particular set was filled with a lot more smiles and laughs then I’ve personally seen on any other set. I think not just me but even the crew and staff felt like family, which I believe in the end made for a super entertaining film.

Our daughter, Hailey on set

This was also the first set I brought my, at the time 4 year old daughter, Hailey to. She was the only child there and did perfect. I explained to her that when they said “quiet on set you then have to be quiet” and she was quiet every time. I was amazed, I think everyone else was too! Almost felt like she was a natural.

Hailey even asked a lot of questions and had a great time meeting some of the cast including Seann William Scott. We had fun telling Bruce Springsteen jokes and talking about how Seann was not the Easter Bunny (inside joke). Haha!

A Personal Thank You!

I’d also like to personally thank Steve Lemme, Jay Candrasekhar, and Richard Perello for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of movie history in another funny and entertaining Broken Lizard production.

What are you waiting for?

So the time is MEOW. Go be the first to check out Super Troopers 2 this Friday. You can be the first to talk about it before your friends!


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38 thoughts on “Super Troopers 2

  1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know Seann William Scott was going to be in it!! How cool!! What an amazing experience for you all! I am so so so excited to see this movie, the first one is so awesome and full of hilarious one-liners!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

    1. Yes, It was an amazing experience! Thank you for reading! Definitely go see it when you get the chance!

    1. Yes, it was released Friday. We thought the finished project turned out great and a good extension to the first one!

    1. Thanks! I went with my person take being on set of the movie. The actual project turned out great and we are so thankful we were a help to the cause.

  2. Your daughter is so cute and so lucky to be on set. I am impressed at how she behave and listen to instructions and not making any noise. It also show great parenting here! Thanks for sharing your experience on the set.

    1. We try our best with her most times she is a handful haha! It was truly a wonderful experience and we were glad to be there.

  3. Oh that is so cool that your partner has had so many epic movie experiences and great that you got to go along to this one too! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be to have to wait for a movie to be released after seeing some of it happen before hand!

    1. It was cool to see a behind the scenes take. I have been on movies sets and had small background parts but nothing this big. It was a great experience and we are thankful to have been part of it! So happy the movie had a great turn out.

  4. I think I’m going to love Super Troopers 2 too. I’m also a fan of Sean William Scott no matter how awkward his roles are, I believe he’s a genuine person full of respect. You guys are lucky to be there!

    1. That’s great! I hope you like it I think the project had a great turn out. Seann William Scott is a kind and great guy along with the rest of the cast. They are very humble and really nice to work with.

    1. If you like comedy I think you will love it! Its full of hilarious one liners. A must see for adults not sure if the little ones should watch it haha!

    1. Thank you we had a great time and wonderful experience. Definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

  5. It must be so amazing to be so involved in the movie industry. And your daughter is very lucky to be able to go on set. The movie sound great, I’d like to watch it.

    1. Its ok lol I get to meet some really nice, like-minded people. We have been working with my daughter on her “stage presence” so one day soon, I hope, she can be filmed. We are still a little too shy!

    1. It was great because all three of us were there. Being involved doesn’t bother me I’ve had my fair share so I don’t think much of it but I see where you are coming from 🙂

  6. Its really awesome to find out what goes on behind scenes, and it is really lovely that you got to take your daughter along I bet that was a lovely experience for her.

    1. That was the best part, getting to take her along! She wants to be a movie star, a dancer and a singer so needles to say we have some stage presences to work on. Hopefully one day very soon we can start her journey.

    1. Having her there was the best part! She wants to go into this field as a profession so it was nice for her to see what behind the scenes looks like

  7. I feel like I remember going to see this as a child and having my mom rush us out of the theater upon realizing that it wasn’t a kid friendly movie! I’ve never seen the first one after that! I might need to go back and try again because it sounds funny!

    1. lol yeah we had to watch carefully as to which scene we were going to. Its definitely not a kids movie but its great for us adults! I’m very pleased how well the second one turned out. Check it out!

  8. This is so exciting, I am glad you and your daughter had a really great time at the set. Super troopers 2 sounds so good, I am excited to see this movie.

    1. Thank you! Its neat to see what goes on behind the scenes and to meet like-minded people especially when they are nice, yet they get things done like the crew at broken lizard.

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