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Do you currently take or eat probiotics?

I do both! My absolute favorite is GoodBelly Probiotics, their juice products are amazing! I found Good belly a few years ago when I had to learn that my gut health was a number one priority. I just happened to be one of those people whos insides do not work like they should.

Why probiotics?

Gut health became a main focus and I wanted something that was natural instead of the harmful medications the doctor wanted to prescribe. I could not bear the idea of being on medication without knowing  what was causing this health issue. Also I  would like to note as we continue to get further into this subject I would like you to keep in mind I am not a healthcare professional and I do encourage you to talk with your doctor with any problems you may be experiencing. I myself, did not know gut health was so important and the benefits of probiotics.

Benefits of probiotics

  • They improve digestion and help the body absorb nutrients
  • They prevent and treat antibiotic associated diarrhea
  • May shorten the flu and stomach viruses
  • May improve skin conditions like eczema, and acne by calming inflammation

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Some of My Favorite Probiotic Products:

There is nothing like a fresh serving of Keifer and flaxseed. Keifer is a form of yogurt, its one of the most probiotic rich foods on the planet, find out more HERE. Along side Keifer a new better tasting probiotic juice emerged, it was GoodBelly Probiotics. Not only does it taste good, it has 20 Billion probiotics in it, it’s non-gmo, soy-free, dairy-free and 100% vegan friendly.

GoodBelly Probiotics

GoodBelly Probiotics have been around for a few years now. First, time finding them in my local food store by a shot version of my now favorite juice of all time. The company has come a long way since, now offering a wider variety of products and flavors. They offer a four day shot pack or I prefer the carton of GoodBelly Probiotic juice. They have a variety of flavors such as watermelon/ cranberry, coconut, blueberry/acai and mango. My local food store only carries a few of their products. Since GoodBelly Probiotics were great from the beginning I did decide to give some of their other products a try many of which I now order online.

What else should you know about probiotics?

Gut health is not only important for you but your entire family and Probiotics are a great way to start. Not only are they safe for adults, the younger kids can also have them! Most companies now carry children’s probiotics. This can significantly reduce the amount of times you get sick, especially during those pesky times of the year. Even though I love probiotic rich foods, I do take probiotic capsules. Incorporating them to my daughter’s routine was literally the best thing I did over the winter and for her the chewable gummies worked best. We are still incorporating them each day as we continue our health journey. GoodBelly Probiotics was a must have during the flu season and we continue to love their products for their great taste and quality. I could not have been happier finding a product that was not only helping me heal but my whole family could enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “GoodBelly Probiotics

  1. Thanks for giving direction on this subject. I recently started to taking them a month or two ago and have noticed it makes a huge difference in my health. There are so many out there to chose from though and this can be the hard part.

    1. I agree, there are a lot of them now. I stick to the foods mostly. You have to really watch what supplements you buy.

  2. I had to comment when I saw that you were talking about Goodbelly! I attribute Goodbelly to healing my gastritis, and I always tell people about how awesome probiotics are for gut health!

    1. That’s great! I have some sort of issue myself and I would be in much worse shape if it wasn’t for them!

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