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Have you been to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pa?

We love going! I have been taking my daughter to The Please Touch Museum the last 5 years and it is so much fun. The best part is my daughter gets to learn in a hands on environment which is something that is a must in the house.

Its in the city what about parking?

The first question that may come to mind is parking, what kind of parking is there in a city where I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for? Well, The Please Touch does offer a small parking lot on the side of the building and the fee is $12 to park your car there or you can park on the street practically right in front of the building for FREE. Yes, I said FREE. Just make sure you abide by all the Do Not Park signs scattered throughout the street. Luckily the museum is located in Fremont Park and the street is easy access unlike in Downtown Philadelphia. There are public transportation options as well SEPTA and PHLASH stop at the front door.

What is so great about The Please Touch Museum?

All the hands on activities!

There is not one but two floors jam packed with non stop exhibits to explore. We start by getting our tickets. There is also a carousel if your child wants to go on it you ask at the time of ticket purchase. Just so you know and don’t have to stand in a big long line AGAIN.

First Stop, River Adventures & Carousel

Now that we have our tickets we head on in to the River Adventures exhibit. There are several different water features, valves and floats to play with. We love to build a raft and make it go in different directions or we try to sink the ship! There are several hands on exhibits with fun activities but we mostly spend our time at three of our favorite exhibits and explore the rest along the way. Now after River Adventures we usually go to the carousel. The ticket price for this is only $3 so its a nice added  experience for the kiddo and Mom & Dad too! Usually parents are FREE to ride with your child just make sure you ask the ride coordinator.

Wonderland Maze

After this we head down the rabbit hole to explore the Wonderland Maze. We have fun painting the roses red, having a pretend tea party with the mad hatter and chase each other all throughout the maze.

Keep in mind there are attractions in between the ones I’m mentioning such as the Imagination Playground, Roadside Attractions and Centennial Exploration. All filled with fun activities to boost communication, fine & gross motor skills and their creativity.

Healthy Me, Healthy Family, Healthy community

My daughter’s favorite spot in the whole place is their Healthy Me, Healthy Family, Healthy community exhibit. They have a whole town filled with a Hospital, Shoprite  Food Store, construction zone, shoe store, ECT. We love going shopping in the food store, they have a whole store filled with pretend food and groceries to fill up our cart, after we are all done shopping its time to checkout and head home to cook. Maybe you have other places to go in town? Head over to the new bistro or shoe store for some added fun, your child can become bakers, construction workers, doctors or whatever their heart desires.

Just when you think the fun is all over, they have a dance party in Hamilton Hall. The kids get together and dance, its the cutest thing ever watching all the kids breaking out their moves! Then of course you can not leave without checking out the gift shop. Usually, we come out with some really cool toys or activities we can do at home as a family. We try to limit ourselves to $20 spending or we would go a little too crazy.

Would you like to save money?

I get it, not everyone has $100 for family activities that only lasts a few hours. I can tell you that The Please Touch Museum is cost effective and money well spent. You can park for free, they have military, firefighters and police officer discounts and every first Wednesday of every month admission is $2 per person. You can view other money saving options HERE.

The Please Touch Museum is a great place for families to go explore and learn in a unique and hands on environment. Have you been there? What was your child’s favorite exhibit? Next time you have the chance go check it out I’m positive you and your family will love all the fun exhibits and activities they have to offer.

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10 thoughts on “Please Touch Museum

    1. That’s great! We love doing memberships, it’s a great way to save money! The last one we did was the Philadelphia zoo. It was amazing! I like the Alice and Wonderland. It’s really cool how they have the maze and the paint the roses red section. We spend most of our time in the Shoprite It’s Hailey’s FAVORITE!

  1. I love that this is a place that has all hands on activities. My kids tend to get very bored when we take them places and they want to explore and we have to keep constantly telling them not to touch.

    1. It’s amazing for that reason! I do not have to worry about her touching things that are not allowed to touch also since it is hands on the learning capabilities are endless.

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