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Are you thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover?

If you are, you can find a ton of good information here as I take you through my entire Mommy Makeover experience from start to finish. Enjoy as it might get real and raw!

So, do you remember me saying how I have a self image problem over on the “about me” page? No? Just me, ok I see where this is going. So after having my wonderful daughter, things did not go back how I had hoped. I had ugly stretch marks, a C-section scar and some weird little roll of skin just above it. No matter what I did, no matter how much lotion, skin wraps, dieting and weird you name its things were just not bouncing back.

                                                                                    Mom and baby What Can I Do To Fix This?

This unsightly skin fold would surely be the death of me. I was hoping to work out and bounce back just like all these pretty new moms you see bouncing back, getting fit and looking better than ever plus some mom stripes (stretch marks) and maybe a little loose skin.  Not me! I knew having a baby things weren’t going to be the same and I was ok with that but this fold….this weird skin pouch thing uh! and my boobs were upwards to a full cup in difference now. My self-esteem was at an all time low. I thought what could I possibly do to fix this problem? Have a Mommy Makeover!

The idea of going under the knife did not bother me. Mostly due to the excitement of thinking how I’m going to look after this! It was at that moment I was all suited up being put under. My mind was like hey! guess what? You are about to have a major operation. Then boom! Out cold!

So lets take a quick step back my guess is if you are on this page you might be thinking of doing a Mommy Makeover or something similar right? I’m sure its at least come across your mind and if you plan on having any sort of procedure you need to find someone who can produce the results you are looking for. There is no need to spend all that money if you aren’t happy with the outcome. Right?

First thing, find a good surgeon.

Who did my Mommy Makeover? I went to Jeffrey Fishman in Troy Michigan. He is a nice caring man with a great staff.  It almost felt like family walking into their office.

Discuss what the issues are, what you want to look like after the procedure. Understand you must have realistic visions. We all can’t be a Jessica rabbit right? I guess that would be debatable… Also, something that may not come across your mind are the scars left behind after your Mommy Makeover. What will you do about them? Every procedure is different so how much money will this cost? Do you take medications? What do i do about my medications? Etc…

You will be asked to take photos, this is to document your journey before the procedure, one a few weeks after during a check up visit and a after photo if you decide to go back a few months later. The first two are recommended. After the bill is all paid up its time to schedule your surgery date. You will generally be called a few days or so many hours before your Mommy Makeover and typically you have a small fasting period prior to going in.

Surgery Day

You made it this far! Todays the day! Its time to go in. I went to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital they had a very clean establishment, everyone was very nice and the only issue I encountered was my scheduled medication. The reason could have been because of my departure, which I ended up staying a few days instead of the initial scheduled surgery time. Anyway, upon arriving you report to registration and wait. Then, you get called to pre-op, you put on your hospital gown and get comfy. Next, you will meet with your general anesthesiologist and your surgeon during this time. After going over your Mommy Makeover procedure the anesthesiologist will come back in to administer the general anesthesia treatment.

Enjoy your nap!

You now will wake up in a post-op room after a few hours of operation. Upon waking you might feel like you have awaken from a very deep sleep. You might not feel any discomfort yet as that will soon come.

After Surgery Must Do’s

After getting back home I laid in bed the first few days with minimal movement. I was on a pain medication for a few weeks. I also had two drainage tubes one on the right and one on the left side of the incision. One was taken out within a week and the other in two weeks. I had to drain them ever so often, this was not pleasant

I had to wear a support belt and a highly supportive bra without underwire that snaps in the front. My surgeon was kind enough to supply one of each. I later found out its best to get a few more just in case of bleeding and you can alternate while washing them. The cheaper one worked just fine.


 The first few weeks were the worst! Taking a shower, bending or moving in any way was painful but It is important to move around but just don’t be that over the top mom boss yet. The first few weeks are resting weeks as there is not much you can do. Three weeks after you can start putting on lotion around the areas to help the skin. Use coconut oil for deep conditioning. Your skin went through a lot of trauma and its great for the moisturizing and antibacterial properties. It was some time before I could start to treat the scars. Id say about a month and a half later I could use scar away, deep condition with coconut oil and shea butter lotion in between.

Overall Thoughts

To this day there is some red scarring and its been a few years now, but if the scars well moisturized it looks fabulous . In the end I could not have asked for a better Mommy Makeover experience. I love getting it done and I was finally free of that unsightly skin flap.

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