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Should kids help with housework by doing chores?

Having your kids do chores is a wonderful idea. Not only does it help you around the house, it teaches them responsibility.

Do you ever feel like you just cant keep things together? I know I do. In this house I am constantly fighting to keep organized and now my daughter is capable of helping fairly well around the house. Yay! for this momma, she can help me lighten the load a little bit. Between our pets, the house work, school work and work, its hard to keep focused from one task to the next.

I am a Pinterest mom I go on there for just about everything! I came across several similar ideas, which we loved and tried just about every idea out there with some luck but not where we needed to be so I had to come up with a plan.

First I started with a list of kid chores tailored to my daughters age:

•Help load the dishwasher
•Empty silverware when clean
•Take out the bathroom trash
•Feed and water the pets
•Separate laundry
•Fold towels and match socks
•Make sure morning and night routines are being followed
•Dust tables
•Pick up and put away toys
•Help with cooking
•Set dinner table

Next, I made a printable chore chart

One that I can fill in just in case we need to change our chore list. There are some great examples of those but yet again not what we needed.

I made sure I put the chore chart somewhere I could see constantly, the fridge was the place for me. I also went an extra step and put a clear protection sleeve over the printed sheet so we could reuse our chore chart over and over again. With a dry erase marker, we can mark what has been done and once the week is complete, we wipe it off and start all over for the next week.

This small, simple idea has been so helpful in our everyday life. I’m no longer getting asked what we are doing everyday and most importantly I’m helping my little girl learn to be productive and stay on track, something I am lacking in. Does this sound like something you can benefit from?

You can print your FREE printable chore chart today just by simply clicking on the Chore picture and print directly. NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED.Printable Chore Chart

After you have your chore chart go check out our other article on “How to keep kids interested in chores.”

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12 thoughts on “Chore Schedule & Chore Chart

    1. Let me know how it goes! check out my other post on how to keep them interested in chores! works like a charm until my kiddo gets older!

  1. I love this idea. A simple system is usually the best way. In our house we were consistent when we kept things easy and straight forward.

    1. it really helped a lot! I might have to tell her to clean her room here and there but there is no back talk so I would say it’s a WIN!

  2. This is something I love, but haven’t been able to implement in my house. I think it goes back to what I tell the families I work with. You need to assess the parent strength. I am great at planning, and struggle with follow through, while my husband is the opposite. It might work best if I make him the enforcer of the chore list. That way we know there will be follow through!

    1. That’s a great idea! When two of you can work together and know each others strengths. I think if you went that route it would be possible to get it done!

  3. I agree chores help teach kids responsibility. I have my kiddos help around the house and they switch their chores every other week. Thanks for sharing and the printable.

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