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Motivation was lacking

So, how do you keep your kids interested in their chores? Getting my daughter to do her chores came fairly easy but getting her to keep doing them, well that’s another story. I set up a chore chart and the first few weeks went by with very little issues. Her excitement for helping around the house went from “yes, I did it mommy” to me having to ask 20 million times for her to do them.

I thought what could I possibly do to get her interest in chores back?

I couldn’t go out and by her rewards every time i turn around. Toys are too expensive just to keep buying and stickers really aren’t exciting anymore. I was at a loss and the worst was the arguments. She would constantly go back and fourth with me on how she wouldn’t do her chores. The house was a complete mess with toys everywhere, it was a nightmare. I thought this kid really needs to learn to pick up her things and start learning to be responsible.

Then, I got it, this brilliant idea! I was going to give her my change that was just laying around the house. This was perfect because I hate change, its always just sitting in a jar and she is getting money. Mind you my daughter is only 6 years old so right now she doesn’t understand change is not a lot of money, its just money to her.

I sat down to created a chore chart i could ad in the amount she would get for each chore, i.e. 10 cents for feeding the cat or 25 cents for picking up toys in one room, etc.. My daughter was excited but it wasn’t like day 1 when we first introduced the chart. Then, I simply asked if she could do all her chores for that day, after they were completed we went to our chart and marked them done. I then explained that she would be getting paid for her chores for that day. She gets 10 cents for feeding the cats,  25 cents for picking up toys, 25 cents for doing her homework and so on. This added up very quickly in her mind, she said “I get all that?” “I’m rich”.


Needless to say we are over 6 months into this routine and I am so proud of her! She now does her chores without being told and there’s no more random toys laying about after shes done playing. Her and i no longer argue over what needs to be done. This has truly been a life saver for me and its been a great start in teaching her responsibilities.

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12 thoughts on “How to keep kids interested in chores

  1. I’ve tried a chore chart too. In the beginning my girls were really excited, but later they became less interested. I’ve tried a chore chart daily, weekly, and monthly. I like the monthly option better. Otherwise I was getting a new sticker chart more often. I have added different ways to keep them interested in helping out. I like the basket system to help them clean up quickly.

    1. Foe some reason money, more like loose change has kept my daughters interest. I will have to check out the basket system!

  2. Great post! Chore charts really keep them interested and money is even better lol. We usually don’t give our kids money for chores unless they go above and beyond what they should already be doing.

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